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Theatre of Dreams - World of Warcraft

Theatre of Dreams - World of Warcraft

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Theatre of Dreams Server World of Warcraft Blizzlike Professional Staff Scipted Instances PVP PVE Custom Events Established 2005 Friendly population, business hosting best hosting dedicated hosting server.

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Server: Theatre of Dreams - World of Warcraft
PvpServer type: LowRate


  1. Double experience rate till 30 September 2015
  2. Na...ramas, The Obsidian Sanctum, The Eye of Eternity, Ulduar, Trial of the Crusader, Onyxia´s Lair, Icecrown Citadel and Ruby Sanctum fully scripted
  3. Wintergrasp and Vault of Archavon fully scripted
  4. Arenas and battlegrounds fully scripted
  5. Every seasonal events fully scripted
  6. Event "Battle for the Undercity" working
  7. Loremaster and Battlemaster achievements working
  8. It's Over Nine Thousand! achievement points available
  9. Frequent events organized by the team of Theatre of Dreams


Crossfaction battlegrounds

Maximum honor cap increased to 100k

  1. Weapons from previous PVP season available for honor
  2. Current season shoulder pads available after obtaining adequate arena rating in 2v2 bracket
  3. Arena Preparation Crystals
    In the corner of every arena is located special crystal. It allows you to shorten the preperation time to 15 seconds IF every participant uses it.
  4. Dynamic MMR
    MMR difference which allows two teams to connect is based on the time you spend in queue. Initial difference is 150 and is increased by 7.5 every 5 seconds. After 5 minutes you'll be connected with another team regardless of MMR


  1. Weekend Event
    Double experience rate and double honor gained from HK
  2. Alliance and Horde auction houses merged
  3. You can queue for dungeon finder and battleground at the same time
  4. Recruit a friend (RAF) working
    When setting up your account, enter your friend NICK NAME. RaF works till level 75 and triples experience gained

3.3.5a blizzlike rate WoW private server | established 2005 | proffessional, experienced staff | friendly population | no lags | loremaster & battlemaster working | ALL battlegrounds, dungeons and raids FULLY scripted including Ulduar, ICC and Wintergrasp | vote rewards | regular events | transfers  

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