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Monster-WoW-United States: Cataclysm Mists of Pandaria 4.3.4 5.4.8 Dethrone Guild Leader fixed! If Guild Master hasn't logged in in 6 months Officers and Vetera, business hosting best hosting dedicated hosting server.

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Server: Monster-WoW
PvpServer type: LowRate

- Dethrone Guild Leader fixed! If Guild Master hasn't logged in in 6 months Officers and Veterans can claim the position.
- XP cap between level 1-19 added.
- XP cap between level 20-25 removed.
- Guild reputation is reset when you change guilds!
- Guild vendor fixes.

Guild Roster:
- Profession tab fixed(members have to login at least once after this fix to be listed here).
- "Achiemevent Points" tab fixed for online members.

Guild Perks fixed:
- Mount Up
- Hasty Hearth
- Chug-A-Lug
- The Quick and the Dead
- Chug-A-Life

Guild Rewards:
- Banner of Cooperation
- Standart of Unity
- Battle Standart of Coordination
- Cauldron of Battle
- Big Cauldron of Battle and Flask of Battle

- Starfall now hit only targets, which are in combat.
- Earth and Moon, from now can be applied from Mushrooms.

- Conviction now grant only one stack from AoE spells.

5.4.8 Ragnaros:

- Timeless iLvL 535 Items added and fixed.
- Black Market updated with full collection of 5.4.8 Items!

Looking for Raid:
- Throne of Thunder now available in LFR difficulty.

Guild Fixes:
- Every 4.3.4 Guild changes will be added.

- Savage Roar 40% Damage bonus fixed!
- Glyph of Savagery fixed.
- Incarnation: King of the Jungle fixed with PvP 4P set bonus.
- Frenzied Regeneration now can be decreased with Battle Fatigue.
- Genesis fixed.

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