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The Potato Team unturned server

The Potato Team unturned server

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The Potato Team | 3.0 | PVP | DEDICATED | BUFFED STRUCT Dedicated First Person No Sync Normal PvP Rocket Secure Third Person, business hosting best hosting dedicated hosting server.

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Server: The Potato Team unturned server
PvpServer type: Dedicated


Well let's start with unturned/server overhaul. What is server overhaul? Well basically changes everything in game, mostly behind the scenes changes, not much physical. As you know, Nelson is pretty busy with the game every week. He is focused on adding cool features to the game and fixing bugs which we can't really do that. But what he is not focused on is balancing the game. Like guns for example. We all know there's barely any difference in eagle... and maplestrike and why is that everyone prefers timberwolf over grizzly even though they have the same exact stats? Well me, Avex and Peaks... are taking the privilege and our time to rebalance absolutely every item in game and make EACH 1 different and have their own roles in game as it meant to be. We are doing this to bring in more excitement to the game, more skill involved and make the game a bit harder, because right now, unturned doesn't feel like an apocalypse survival game, but more of COD zombies in bigger scale. Here's an example. You got a maple and there's no more need for eagle... because it has same exact stats but recoil is a tad different even thought eagle... spawn rate is much less than maple. So we made the eagle... better then maplestrike. This makes kinda tiered loot. It makes you hunt for better guns and not stick with the same one the whole time. We already done with the guns and will move on to melee weapons soon. You can check the current weapon stats in the top menu on the site "Custom Weapon Stats" for reference.

We also removed all the damage from guns that deal to bases and buffed SOME melee weapons to destroy the bases. That way bases on water and buildings will survive much longer, will introduce more tactics and will make raiding much more exciting. No more sketchy base raids and no more destroying metal walls (or wood) with guns. A sledgehammer will become useful again!

So on Monday 9/7/2015 on Labor Day, we will do entire server wipe, inventory and bases, you can keep your skills still. That way we can properly test the changes and reduce server lag by a lot. Also who ever comes on that day to Tuesday, will receive 3 Potao Points an hour! You can have a chance to receive 144 Potato Points during those 2 days, just by playing. Also make sure to give feedback to Grinch on server or on website about these changes so we can make it perfect. And who knows, maybe Nelson will take our ideas and put it in the official game?!

So current Potato Team status is not as good as it used to be, when we were always top 3, but this is a beginning of something new and exciting. I believe that we are the first server to do this such feature, like we did with Potato Points. If someone has already done this before us, then please post it down below with a server name.

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