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Join the server group for information about my servers, current server status, active mods, updates and more. Dedicated First Person Normal PvE Rocket Secure, business hosting best hosting dedicated hosting server.

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PvpServer type: Dedicated

The most innovated, diverse and creative Roleplay PVE server

Some unique features not shared by any other (or very few) servers

Jobs: You can apply for a server job on the server. Each Job comes with its own unique chat color in the world chat as well as a kit. For example Police are responsible for patrolling the map and helping ... players and noobs alike, they have a blue world chat color and access to a fleet of Police Fords, Police SWAT Vans and more. The SWAT kit comes with unique SWAT vest and black uniform skins and models. A Priest goes around and spreads the Gospel (aka rules), and has access to Vault Boy Jumpsuit gear and a Cargo Pack (the largest backpack in the game). Task Force Z is a private military corporation that overlooks zombie containment and has access to military gear and futuristic armour (again, the kit has unique models not just the vanilla, plain military vest or police vest models)
Join the server group and look for the application page to apply!!

The server has one of the best anti-griefing measures in Unturned. The bases you build cannot be destroyed by anyone else. The lockers, storage crates, doors, cars, etc are all safe from potential trolls and griefers wanting to destroy your base, property and steam items. Their efforts will be futile. If you build a base or own a car THEY WILL BE SAFE

You can purchase insurance on the server. The insurance covers automobiles. There is also an automobile dealership where you can buy modded cars (Kikets Vehicles) and more. If you lose your car from zombies, drowning or griefing, you can get your car back if it is insured. The insurance costs money though (aka Scrap). Czech out the server group for more details

A fleet of airships from a safezone bastion off the mainland will occasionally drop supplies for the stranded survivors of PEIv3 (mod map). The supplies contains everything from mod weapons (like Miniguns) to food, seeds, bandages, Poptarts, and Nyanguns. The airdrop planes are also destructible with 5000 exp award. Airdrop animations and parachute drop crate animations are all included

Craftable Armor and Backpacks and Helmets
From V84's wonderful mod pack. You can now craft various assorted armor and helmets for more protection

Special player commands and events
Server will host regular events such as Horde mode, where you fight against countless hordes of zombies and regular PVP Battles and PVP Tower Defense wars (full character + map save will be made before each event so that even if you die you don't lose any real progress) . Admins will often lead their own armies against another Admin during PVP wars for vital control of the mainland. Victorious team gets exp, goodies and more

Vastly Increased Inventory Space and Starter Gear
The starter gear comes with advanced military uniform + vest + gas mask + backpack + nvg, as PEI v3 is a dangerous world where zombies are 50% tougher and do 35% more damage, with bleeding damage even on non-full moons (aka, Hardcore server). The starter kit makes up for this. Most clothing also have vastly increased inventory space so you can carry more items

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