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God's Rebirth V2

God's Rebirth V2

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God's Rebirth V2 Unturned United States of America Server |TPA|HOME|Defy the Gods Shop | 24/7 |Kits| Defy!, business hosting best hosting dedicated hosting server.

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Server: God's Rebirth V2
PvpServer type: Dedicated


Everything in the past has collapsed. The remaining Yukon survivors, the unturned, has ...ked themselves up and prepared for a new beginning. "God's Rebirth", as it was called. What kind of community will the unturned survivors make? There's only one way to find out..


KITS - TONS of kits to your liking.

TPA - Teleport to your friend, or to your enemies' faces

HOME - teleport to your safe haven.. But is there truly such place as 'safe'?

Are you a part of the dead past or a part of a living future? Make your choice.

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