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Cryptic WarZone Unturned

Cryptic WarZone Unturned

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Server: Cryptic WarZone Unturned
PvpServer type: Dedicated

Recently we had a poll to change our map. Sadly it didn't go as planned. Once we loaded the map into our server big problems we faced with the map and the server. We couldn't use the Server manager, that means no automatic updates and restarts. We also have some of my friends experiencing server running modified version of the game and the worst part is the lag. Since the map is massive some people who don't have beast pc's and running on a normal laptop will experience heavy fps lag unless you turn some graphical setting's down but who wants that? So in conclusion we are sticking to washington as it works fine. Sorry for the very unfortunate event and we were not able to change of map for you guys.

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