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Zanaris PVP system

Zanaris PVP system

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Zanaris runescape server: Target system Dungeneering items Champion Tokens minigame New maps Castle Wars, business hosting best hosting dedicated hosting server.

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Server: Zanaris PVP system
PvpServer type: Dedicated

features as:
[*]PVP system with Earned Potential
[*]Target system
[*]Ancient artefacts
[*]Dungeneering items
[*]Champion Tokens minigame
[*]PVP Armour/Primal/Chaotics
[*]Avatar of Creation/Destruction/Decying Avatar
[*]Tormented demons/Frost dragons/Ballak the pummeler
[*]Bork/Corp Beast/Bulwark Beast/Shadow Forger/Gluttonous Behemoth
[*]New maps
[*]Castle Wars
[*]Double XP Weekends
[*]Worldwide skilling
[*]Clan chats
[*]Beginner train areas
[*]Safe PK Area
[*]PK Points
[*]Full godwars

Client features
We have adjusted our Client to make it suitable for everybody. Everybody wants to have a choice in old features such as the old hp bar or the regular hits, and there are people that prefer the new RS ones. This is all possible.
Ability to:
-Choose the HP bar or the old one
-Choose the new RS F keys (to switch) or hold the old ones
-Choose x10 damage ingame or the regular hits
-Choose the new hitmarks (melee, range, mage) or hold the original 07 RS ones

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