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RSPSPK Perfect combat

RSPSPK Perfect combat

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Server: RSPSPK Perfect combat
PvpServer type: Dedicated

Update Log:

  • Cleaned up Deadcodes, Deleted all useless sprites
  • Updated mod crowns.
  • Updated xp drops, now they're very close to OSRS ones, however the combat xp drops wont work until David comes back, the issue is server not sending the combat exprience to client. So the hitpoints icons will be still used for combat.
  1. You can change settings by right clicking the XP orb
  2. If you feel that color changing is too difficult with rightclick, i have added ::xpdropcolor command as alternative option.
  • Fixed prayer orb when you activate quickprayers, the image was drawn on wrong position
  • Redone Client saving system, now it should be more "safe", than previous system since it wasn't even encrypting private information.
  • Fixed colors changing on minimap
  • Fixed bank hovering & removed summoning icon
  • Added clicking on the hp orb will now use the anti-potion if it is available (this action wont do anything for now until david comes back and we can finish this feature)
  • Re-added Skillcape emote
  • Added "Account profile" system. How to use it:
  1. To save profile: load a profile by clicking "Available Slot" after that just login with "remember me" ticked on
  2. To forget profile: click a profile and untick "remember me"
  3. To load profile: click a profile, profiles are named by the login username
  4. There can be only 3 profiles max, will make more slots if it's really needed
  5. [ ] tag means it's current profile which has been selected
  • Fixed few logging in issues, as example pressing tab would make you login now it moves the text cursor as it's supposed
  • Added few commands to control the window, these features wont work withnout Loader unfortunately:
  1. ::alwaysontop (keeps the window on top even you open other windows)
  2. ::resizable (this locks/unlocks window resizing)
  3. ::ss or ::screens... to capture screens... of client, images are saved on userdirectory/rspspk/screens...s/
  • Fixed Sprite Update system


  • Perfect combat, exactly like 07
  • Clan based minigames, tournaments, 3v3 etc.
  • Daily events at 10PM GMT
  • PK point based economy with EP drops and targets
Check our website at: Our website -> ... href="http://spawnps.com" rel="nofollow" target="" title="Our website">();... (www.spawnps.com)

Fresh beginning

So there we are, a new beginning, a fresh start. I'd first like to welcome everybody to SpawnPS and I hope you will enjoy your stay here at our game. My name is Carlo but my friends like to call me Carlito, don't ask me why.

As you all know David has given this server to me as he was exhausted in real life. I'm a good friend of David, he decided to lay back for a while and when I heard this I thought why not take it over and try to improve it?

What are we aiming for?

I was thinking of making SpawnPS a more economic version, the items need to have a real value which is worth fighting or bossing for.

Giving people atleast some joy if they PK a certain set or an item. That's why I introduced a set of mediocre items and more to come soon.

The rate to obtain those items is pretty high at this ...ent as we are just starting out and I don't want to be an ass against the people who have played it long enough and get bored quickly. 

So I'm here to improve RSPS PK and bring it to another level where we will rise above all other RSPS's, we are THE RSPS and will be one of the most memorable server ever no matter what!

The wilderness and clans

Our main objective is keeping the wilderness active. Currently all slayer monsters can only be killed throughout the whole wilderness.

We will add a set of skills in the upcoming days to roll-out an even bigger economic aspect and still have a relation to the wilderness so we can have an infinite cycle of PKers who are aiming to earn PK points, skillers or bosses who try to obtain certain items but at the same time also tickets(You also earn tickets through skills).

Apart from that we are also focussing on clans as this is what keeps the hybrids(mostly) scene active. I'm working on a website version of 'creating a clan' and that this can be corresponded with the server and wars challenged against other clans. This will be a fun concept and easily adaptable to our new minigame coming up within a few weeks.

Just wanted to give everybody a heads up of what's going on and what we are mainly aiming for, I'm eager to perfectize to server to your liking. Just note me in the help/report section

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