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Grinderscape United States Server Version:317 Type:Economy 700 + Players 65 Quests 35 Unique bosses., business hosting best hosting dedicated hosting server.

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Server: Grinderscape
PvpServer type: Dedicated

One of the oldest private servers in history. Most fluent combat system ever made. 700 + Players || 65 Quests || Brilliant New Dicing System || Weekly Updates || Super active pking || Full screen || Webclient || 35 Unique bosses || Voting Shop || Donation Items || Great Economy

New Features:

- 100 Extra bank slots.
- Automatically complete a selected task.
We understand that not everyone should easily automatically complete a task, hence why the price is quite high, just in case someone really don't want to complete some task and rather pay for it.
- Unlock Bank Search function
Before bank search function was available only to donators, donators still have this feature automatically unlocked, but everyone can unlock now for 1,000 premium points only.
- Reset Player KDR
That will reset player kill count and death count, note that this would reset any title progress.
- Unlock extra assignment disabling slot
Will allow players to disable even more slayer tasks.

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