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BattleScape Belize server Instant PKing Weekly+ Updates We are a Runescape private server, founded over 7 years ago., business hosting best hosting dedicated hosting server.

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Server: BattleScape
PvpServer type: Dedicated

We are a Runescape private server, founded over 7 years ago. What you will find here is PvP action, bosses, skilling, minigames, and more!

Registering and playing is FREE, and all you have to do is ...k out a username and password.

Enjoy the game with hundreds of people today!

We have a very long history, dating back 7 years before the wilderness was first removed. We've been around since private server's main focus point was simply to get you PKing quickly, instead of having to train an account over a long period of time.
Whether you're looking to login and get straight to PKing and PvP, fight against bosses to obtain rare items, or compete for the number 1 rank on the hiscores, we offer it all. You can use OS graphics if that's your preference, or choose other graphic settings of newer eras of RS without having to change games.
We have many features that will keep you entertained and playing, including:
  • Instant PKing with basic gear
  • Many bosses and slayer monsters for earning rare items
  • Skilling and hiscores
  • The combat system is one of the best in all of RSPS
  • Very popular dueling and staking
  • No downtime and no lag
  • An expensive and powerful dedicated server
  • One of the most active forums
  • PK Point Shop to encourage wilderness activity
  • Achievements
  • Multiple minigames
  • A main server over the years for clanning
  • Fully customizable client
  • Active and friendly staff
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