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RazerStars2 New Italian Server Hard play

RazerStars2 New Italian Server Hard play

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→ Improvement Items: ← The up was designed to make it more pleasant and with the right difficulty., business hosting best hosting dedicated hosting server.

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Server: RazerStars2 New Italian Server Hard play
PvpServer type: Dedicated

→ Improvement Items: ←
The up was designed to make it more pleasant and with the right difficulty.
A +6 the success rate is 100%.
For some items under 55 you are not required item.
The successful dell'upp E... is given in immaggini and may vary depending of the item to be created.
For the remaining types of items, or those over 80 Razerstars it is structured in a somewhat complex that will be shown in the forum or in the following presentations.
→ Recycler: ←
The recycler is scripted so as to drag the item to be deleted on it, to start a script that offers a range of questions on the Elimination of the item.
→ Structure EXP: ←
Liv 1-20
From level 1 to 20 is recommended villo1 to get a good amount of yang and then buy items needed
and acquire the skill.
From 20 to 30-35 liv
And 'it recommended at this level go now to dropping at least thirty medals riding using anti-exp. After earning the average horse you have to destroy more metin possible to acquire books and other items useful doctrine, after it we can move into the desert to begin to structure a good equipment.
Liv from 35/40 to 50
We recommend heading into the valley using anti-exp to destroy as much as possible the amount of metin after which you can achieve the level 50-55
From level 50 to 60
You can expare in covo1 to do some yang and boost the equip that will serve to address the monsters in Covo2.
Many prefer to go in as early as 50 Covo2 choice is yours in addition I recommend you check the other maps as Shoan mountain or temple.
From level 60 to level 70-75
You can expare in covo2 up to level 75, here you can make a lot of yang and dropping pieces of gear you can also very important to conclude a good equip. You can also head to the forest or to order temple dropping.
From level 70-75 85
You can access the forest red quietly for it to achieve a good standard and a good equip to head in atlantide1 in which it is crucial to make a supply of hematite for access to atlantide2.
From level 85 90-95
Atlantide2 is the ideal map for expare and dropping yang dropping in over there you can use the item to craft system that will provide the hwang or other useful items.
From 95 to 105
The exp is fluid in late Atlantide2 the streets before meeting the spirit ghost that takes you from Beran.
From 105 to 115
Once you reach level 105 in the ring portable teleporter and you will appear in the maps over 105 access to the first map named Dawmistwood in which it has a different drop and a significant change in the strength of the mob, so it is recommended the presence of a buffer full INT.
From 115 to 120
There it will get access to the latest map for now existing on Razerstars, the LandaDuante a map enough known that we have modified to make you fun searching for the boss and exp to the final level.

After this short presentation made by the MOD-Kiz we thank them, let's provide other information that will help you create you an idea before you download the client, because everyone has their own taste ...

→ Other Features Server: ←
~ Maximum level 120 (in update)
~ Maximum 90 Status
~ New quests
~ Costume system with and without bonuses
~ Refine System (crafter in villus)
~ Pet System with status, exp bonus and fixed
~ RazerCoins System
~ Belt System with belts of the ITA modified
~ Cube as the eng
Rate ~ Exp and Dropp septate from DB
~ Switch bonus (not automatic) integrated into the client with F5
~ 100% Item Shop in game
~ Trunks Apprentice (you will receive a chest every 10 levels from level 10)
~ Dungeon catacombs accessible from level 90
~ Two new maps implemented by level and dropp (105-115)
~ Implemented new set level 115 with changing the set BETA
~ By the time the final set of armor is that of the ITA BETA
~ Room of Beran Setau with the officer with access constraints.
~ Call Kingdoms in common with colors reign.

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