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Peepzcraft MC PE

Peepzcraft MC PE

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Peepzcraft MC United States PE Server: Economy Factions Roleplay Survival, business hosting best hosting dedicated hosting server.

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Server: Peepzcraft MC PE
PvpServer type: Dedicated

Welcome to Peepzcraft Network!

Our Lobby is a unique Lobby designed by our own Buidling-Team! Here you can choose between 4 Gamemodes: Survival, Factions, KitPvP and BedWars. You can hide Players, fly around in the Lobby(VIP Feature) or even activate a Shield(Youtuber Feature), just by pressing on an Item, so simple!

On our Survival Servers, you will get the best Survival experience you can ever get! Shops, Parkours, PvP Areas and much more! You need to survive – PvP is enabled! When you die, you’ll loose your stuff, so make sure to get a base before going to PvP!

Factions includes all the aspects of survival, except in Factions you will Need to be more strategic. You must build a Team and defend your base from being attacked. This is not an easy going game, the whole Point in it is raiding, killing and conquering. What are you waiting for? Grab some allies and assault your foes!

Here you can fight against or with your friends – Choose between 7 Kits, everything managed by an own Point-System! While others start playing as a Ninja(Default Kit), you can be the boss in the Arena with the Tank, one of the most powerful Kits in the Game! Use Bandages to heal yourself and get some awesome Killstreaks to get even more Points and Bandages – The Arena can be yours!

The largest Survival, Factions and Economy server on Pocket Edition!

We have plenty of slots so feel ... to join us anytime, on our massive 24/7 network!

We will be editing/adding more to the desc shortly! Thanks for the patience! :D

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