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Reborncraft Minecraft

Reborncraft Minecraft

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Server: Reborncraft Minecraft
PvpServer type: Dedicated


it started out as a Factions server but then we added more gamemodes due to popular request and now it has many different awesome and fun things to do with a huge amount of custom plugins!, please welcome and have fun Hello guys it's Rekt here,
Hardcore Factions has finally come to RebornCraft for you all to enjoy! For now, we have released just about 10 minutes ago. And i see we have already reached 110 players on Hardcore Factions for you to enjoy! Here are some of the features you can get in the server!

-KOTH at Random Times
-Random classes when you wear different types of armor
-Custom villagers at spawn to trade items for emeralds
-PVP Timer when you join in game
-Fishing rod when you join
-You cannot get back into spawn if you're in combat
-Gold apples, enderchests, strength, regen, harming potions are ALL disabled
-And way more for you to find out!

Most items and things have been told to you by SurgOG on some previous announcements.
Remember, we will have a server maintainence because of our host during 4am, GMT time, and i hope that you enjoy the brand new Hardcore Factions to RebornCraft.

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