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PhanaticMC Canada Survival server

PhanaticMC Canada Survival server

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Server: PhanaticMC Canada Survival server
PvpServer type: Dedicated

The Feed the Beast server is now re-opened using the infinity modpack!

Thank you for being interested in the PhanaticMC Network!

There are many fun things for you to do here, so connect to play.phanaticmc.com and check us out! 

IP: ftb.phanaticmc.com
​Feed the Beast Infinity is a very popular modpack that you can get by using the FTB Launcher Just download and run the launcher like regular minecraft, choose infinity modpack, and you should be ready to join the server using the address shown above! If you get "mod rejection chicken chunks"

Players on this server are expected to be mature and active. This should be more of an "adult" server than the main network. Griefing and non-voluntary PvP are not allowed. I also suggest you join the #feedthebeast channel on our slack for news about whats happening and to get in touch with me for server problems, you can sign up for slack


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