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Server: FadeCloud Mc Server
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Hello, Community of FadeCloud!

This is going to be a pretty simple and straight forward post.

The forums currently has a lot of restrictions on it due to the abuse from players, what I'm proposing is an exclusive subscription rank on the forums for $4.99 USD / Monthly. (Pre-paying a year will drop the price cost from $4.99 USD / Monthly => $3.99 USD / Monthly. ($47.88 USD / Yearly))

When this is released it'll be in Beta until it's claimed as finished and anyone who purchases the rank during this time will have there price locked in at a lower monthly (or yearly) cost of $1.99 USD / Monthly ($17.88 USD / Yearly).

I would like your suggestions on what this rank should consist of, here's what I have in mind so far:

  • Ability to hold more private message conversations
  • Ability to use signatures (Abuse will result in a ban + the removal of your rank)
  • An exclusive "Supporter" rank on the forums
  • An exclusive Supporter only forum section
  • No limitations on what...

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