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Vindicated Story MapleStory

Vindicated Story MapleStory

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United States MapleStory Vindicated Story We are finally back with a whole lot of revamps and bug fixes, business hosting best hosting dedicated hosting server.

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Server: Vindicated Story MapleStory
PvpServer type: HighRate

Vindicated Story is the next big high rate server. Batman will provide you updates weekly to improve gameplay over the future.

We have plenty of features already included in the gameplay which will provide a smooth and non-confusing gameplay.  Vindicated Story Since 2011, We are back and better than ever!

Our rates are [1000x EXP/300x MESO/1x DROP]. Features we offer include: [Friendly Community] [Custom events] [Custom WZ Edits and up to v1.15.1] [Weekly tournaments] [Daily Login Rewards] [Occupations] [Automated JQ/Scavenger/ Team PVE] [Custom PVP] [Raid Boss Tamil] [Rebirths], and so many more that it’s worth a try.

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