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Valkyria MapleStory

Valkyria MapleStory

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Valkyria MapleStory Addition of weapon and gears up to level 150. // Promotes Motivations, business hosting best hosting dedicated hosting server.

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Server: Valkyria MapleStory
PvpServer type: LowRate

Customized late game: Addition of weapon and gears up to level 150. // Promotes Motivations

Full FM Shops: Free merchants after level 30 to encourage trading / selling

Free Hair / Face / Nx: Up to v164+ available to everyone! 

Bossing: All bosses working with accurate drops

Community: One of the most well organized and properly maintained. Our community is extremely friendly and helpful!

[4x/2x/2x Rates] - [Ultimate Adventurer] - [New] Valkyria is a brand new non-pay2win, competitive low-rate (4/2/2) bug-less server that strives to recreate the nostalgic experience of GMS with balanced customizations for a refreshing and highly competitive game environment, unique only to our server. We are the best v83 low rate server up to date! Join us today!

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