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Stubborn MapleStory

Stubborn MapleStory

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Malaysia Server: Stubborn MapleStory private game server: StubbbornMS with 83/20/4 Exp/Meso/Drop, business hosting best hosting dedicated hosting server.

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Server: Stubborn MapleStory
PvpServer type: Dedicated

Tired of low rates and high rates server?


Here we are ! StubbbornMS with 83/20/4 Exp/Meso/Drop.

Vote to get 20x exp more ! No rebirth ! Working PQs ! Dojo ! Weekly Custom Quest ! v104+GM V140 KMS HAIR/CHAIR/ITEMS! Vote point system! 2x EXP/ DROP from vote points! Fair GamePlay!

White Scrolls and All types for 10% Scroll PQ! Boss PQ! Ap ADDER ! So what are you waiting for? Von Leon Machine and Empress Machine with different rates up every week! Commands to travel around the maple world to help players fasten their training progress! Class Rebalance patch is now available! Come and join us!

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