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GMS Version 0.62 Client / 4x Exp / 4x Mesos / 2x Drop MapleRoyals was initially launched in Spring 2013 for it's development phase. The server was then wiped in, business hosting best hosting dedicated hosting server.

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Server: MapleRoyals
PvpServer type: Hard

MapleRoyals is guaranteed to provide a fun nostalgic experience to any old-school MapleStory player with our low rates, challenging game-play, and very friendly and active community. With an average online player count of around 300, and seeing as many as 700 online simultaneously, we are the most popular nostalgic server around, and there are always people for you to hang out with!

We are a mostly GMS-Like MapleStory private server with a few tweaks. We have imported many faces, hairs, eyes and NX items from higher versions. We have also included a couple of extra areas such as Temple of Time and Ulu City to assist in higher levelled gameplay whilst keeping the nostalgia alive.

We are constantly updating the game with bug-fixes and other improvements. There is usually at least one or two GM events per day and we try our best to cater for players from all over the world.

The server is not 'pay to win'. Players cannot gain unfair advantages over others by donating. This means players do not have to worry about that rich kid that comes out of nowhere and buys everything out.

There is no rebirth.

There are no miracle scrolls and will never be!

Our Content

Notable Features: 
GMS-like job advancements for all stages.
All 4th job skill quests including El Nath Party Quest and others.
Many working Party Quests; KPQ, OPQ, LMPQ, GPQ, Amoria PQ etc.
Working merchants alongside a stable economy. All 22 Free market rooms are usually filled to capacity.
Maple weapons & shields drop from monsters.
Super Megaphones also drop from most monsters to encourage a social environment.
NX Cards drop from all bosses across the game.
A custom and balanced Gachapon system with unique Gachapon rewards in different towns.
Item forger in NLC for Crystal-Ilbis Throwing Stars, Stormcaster Gloves etc.
Maple Shield Upgrader. Upgrade Maple Shields to level 73 type ones.

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