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MapleBeat High Rates

MapleBeat High Rates

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MapleBeat United States server High Rates MapleBeat v83 High Rates 500x 1337x 3x, business hosting best hosting dedicated hosting server.

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Server: MapleBeat High Rates
PvpServer type: HighRate

MapleBeat server is currently online. Brand new server! Just opened on October 29th! MapleBeat is a unique server with many features to keep you busy. MapleBeat brings you entertainment with our amazing community, and our special Hunger Games Event! Mario PQ, Yeti PQ, Rush PQ, Kerning PQ, Boss PQ, Pink Bean PQ, Gachapon Island with over 5 gachapon systems to keep your gambling going! We have up to date GMS items featuring v166 Items and Hairs, Unlockable unique commands, daily rewards, occupations to boost up your EXP! Or unlock special abilities. MapleBeat brings you over 5 different point systems to always give you something to do!

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