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Fluxstory v160

Fluxstory v160

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Fluxstory maple story server, Low Rate Custom Content Rebalanced Skills New exp curve level 200 ~ 250, business hosting best hosting dedicated hosting server.

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Server: Fluxstory v160
PvpServer type: LowRate

Currently our goals is to improve our server, the way we want to improve the game is by adding custom features without editing WZ files. Before we release the server to everyone we need a group of dedicated beta group. You can help us becoming a whole new maplestory so register now!

Server features

Our main goal is to improve what the official MapleStory has ruined.
- New way to get NX
- New exp curve level 200 ~ 250
- Custom level 200 - 210 - 220 items
- New training areas
- new and improved skill revamp

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