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Commerci MapleStory v83 Server

Commerci MapleStory v83 Server

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United States MapleStory Server Welcome to Commerci! Commerci is a professional and unique MapleStory server, business hosting best hosting dedicated hosting server.

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Server: Commerci MapleStory v83 Server
PvpServer type: LowRate

Welcome to Commerci! Commerci is a professional and unique MapleStory server providing GMS content along with well-balanced custom features for both competitive and casual gamers! Our server has a custom storyline upon creation, factions & familiars, Monster Carnival Party Quest, LPQ, LMPQ, HPQ, KPQ, Targa, Scarlion, Zakum bossing, hired merchants, omok, daily GM events, minigames, Cards Against Humanity, bossing, crafting professions, fishing, and so much more. Our professional and active staff are at hand to provide help. We are a new, developing community and would love for you to join our growing process! Join us today.

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