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BoomBoomMS V159

BoomBoomMS V159

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BoomBoomMS is a v142.2 GMS private server hosted in europe with a dutch owner., business hosting best hosting dedicated hosting server.

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Server: BoomBoomMS V159
PvpServer type: LowRate

BoomBoomMS is a v142.2 GMS private server hosted in europe with a dutch owner. We provide an active and wide gameplay with game features that are GMS-like but also BBMS-like. A friendly community with mature staff members that have a good sense of humor! A MapleBit CMS website with a XenForo software forums as support center. 

The Grand Quest is one of the top features of the server, 25 quests to become a BoomBoomMS Hero! together with daily custom quests, Custom Boss PQ, automatic JQ's, Buffed channel (ch5), Skill Maxer, vote point system, Unique donate maps, REVAMPED Cube npc system, Weekly reward npc, Event coin npc, Gender changer, JQ practice, AIO shop, Phantom stolen skill system(Website), Social systems : Buddy, Party, Guild, Alliance and Family, Job Advance npc, Event managers AKA player events, Item Enchantment : Hammer, Scissors, Scrolls. Pets, Androids, Lv.200 npc, AP cap up to 5.000, Item stacker, FM fishing, Custom PQ's, Hired Merchants, Gain NX while grinding, Crafting / Crafting npc, All mounts unlocked!, NX shops!, VIP items, All v142 bosses + drops!, Weddings, Chair gachapon, Nebulites box drop, v142 jobs and much more so that you won't have to be bored. Check it out yourself!

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